by Silena Gallorini

The art of rendering your surroundings special and unique

Silena Gallorini

Specialist in decorative painting

Silena Gallorini is an Italian artist, born in Castiglion Fiorentino, Tuscany. She’s now living in Cortona, a renowned Etruscan town in central Italy, in the province of Arezzo. Here, after many years spent in painting, she became an expert in mural decoration art, even on account of the meeting with the famous painter Eugenio Lucani. Since that time, even thanks to the valuable teaching of this last disciple of the very old Cortona’s decoration school, Silena now focuses on bringing ancient places back to life. Her decorative style is based upon a well-fitting bond between an insightful knowledge of spaces and the original use of colours, able to revive feelings and memories connected to the past, with the decisive strokes that distinguish her painting technique.  In 2005 she founded the DecorArt company and started decorating prestigious Tuscan residencies and others places. Silena Gallorini is the last heir of this historical tradition, thus on this purpose, after her master’s death she decided to commit herself to keep alive this seventeenth’s century school founded by the great artist Pietro Berrettini, better known as Pietro da Cortona, who began the “Art of Beauty” in houses, palaces, villas of Cortona and thereabouts.

Painters from Cortona: Eugenio Lucani and Silena Gallorini